Get to Know Me!

Growing up in South Florida, I started dancing at the age of two and have not stopped since. I trained as a competitive dancer after school and was involved with several service clubs and business oriented organizations. When entering college at Florida State University, I found my passion for hospitality management and event services. I continued dancing on a competitive club team and helped start up my university’s first tap team, Seminole Tap Troupe. When a professor extended an invitation to enter the dance department’s master’s program I immediately took up the opportunity. It was then I became involved with the Miss Florida organizations for scholarships.


When I am not wearing a crown, you can find me working in South Florida as a radio host, media producer, dance teacher, and arts advocate. While my current aspiration is to hold the job title of Miss Florida, I one day hope to work in arts administration and entertainment.


President, Seminole Tap Troupe

Seminole Tap Troupe is Florida State University’s first tap dance team. As one of the organization’s founding members, I had the honor to lead the team as President for three consecutive years. Starting as a team of seven members, we grew to a team of forty, performing around the Tallahassee community and school philanthropic events.

Miss South Florida Fair, MAO

As a current candidate for the job of Miss Florida, I proudly represent the South Florida area. Speaking engagements, organization networking, fundraising, and promoting community engagement with the arts are ways I evoke positive change. My social impact initiative through my year of service is TAP: Turn Up Artistic Participation.

One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time.
A few of my proud moments...

Hospitality Coordinator, Dance Marathon (FSU)

I dance for those who can’t. I’ve had the privilege to visit Shands Children’s Hospital, befriend CMN children brand ambassadors, and help support the facilities and families of those in need. Over the three years of participating in Florida State University’s largest philanthropy, I personally fundraised over $3,000 for the kids. As a Hospitality Coordinator I organized and ran food donations and services for our three day marathon event.

Volunteer, COCA (Council of Culture & Arts)

COCA is a non-profit organization that serves as a facilitator and voice for the arts and culture industry in Florida’s capitol area. They provide information and promote local artists for both citizens and visitors. During my five years of living in the area, I found my personal values with community art engagements synonymous with COCA’s. Happily promoting, advertising, and attending partnered events, I focused on connecting college students to these offered resources.